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Your hearth will always bring you where you have to be.This is what happened with Barbara and Christoph. Amazing couple from Switzerland that celebrated their wedding in the strangest period that we all can recall due to Covid-19.All rules and attention were always respected and they had the wedding they had been dreaming about.In the
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Lukas and Rebecca, when elegance combine with finesse, the result is sophisticated and soft. A dream come true in San Galgano Abbey in a night of August. It is now a few years that the magical Abbey of San Galgano is also open at night for weddings, but I never had the change to organize
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bride and groom wedding cake
Early on in our relationship David had a meeting in Firenze, I flew out to meet him for the weekend. We stayed at Le Villa Maschere in the Tuscan countryside, with its stunning architecture and tranquil grounds. The hotel was once a grand family home that fell into disrepair and was abandoned. The Villa was
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I am for sure on the bride side, but what we will ever do without a groom?? So here I am with some information for our grooms to be perfect from the hair to the SHOES!! And yes again about shoes. Men do not often really think about their footwear, as long as they are
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Villa la Foce wedding Venue in Tuscany
I have to be honest with you. I met Karen and Andrea for the first time  on a rainy winter day. It is quite ordinary to meet the couple off the wedding season and this time we met last October. Perfect timing for an August wedding the year after. Well you do not expect a