We're offering a full range of Services weddings Tuscany.

Flower Design, Wedding photographers, videomakers, wedding procedures and legalities, Celebrant, make-up and Hairdress in the coutryside.  Musical entertainment and all your wedding dreams may suggest for an unforgettable and unique Tuscan Wedding.

The flower creates your wedding atmosphere: romantic, elegant, informal rustic. Trust our master florists to create your unique ambiance. A special moment with a soft special touch. As minimun as it can be to everything and more.

The wedding day takes allot to organize, and an eye blick to pass. Photojournalistic, glamour, posed…different style to remember your most perfect day. You will never forget some fun moments and they will come back immediately to you mind while watching a photo or the video.

The natural beauty of a woman is the bride at it’s highest performance. A real professional hair and make up artist creates your style, follows your face lines and your likes to make your day the most memorable and you the most beautiful bride ever.

This will allow you to be free to organize your wedding ceremony how you prefer with all your personal touches and personal toughs.

Your First wedding dance, Your solemn wedding ceremony background, Your relaxing fun wedding cocktail hour, the excitement of the cake cut, all to be accompanied by our professional musicians: jazz and blues band, revival and Motown, string quartets or just single instrumental.

We provide the best tools and services to make yourself your own wedding. Imagine just caring of the fun parts of your wedding and not the “difficult” part as offices, legalities Italian laws and much more